it's time to build the noah's ark lol

since i can't quite get this out of my head these few days, i might as well write about it.

the following is probably just random rantings + bullshit concocted due to too much 古越龙山黄酒 (chinese yellow wine )+ excitement over newly bought 1x2TBs ext HDD


i admit that all the recent earthquakes + tsunami news + 5x10 anniversary tour dvd out! + losing poster bid dammit + paying year end insurance bills had gotten me kind ofbroke shaky about the future of humankind. O.o

i don't believe in the 2012 crap, but i think that there may be a mass extinction coming up orz...

btw, i just heard that sho's dorama ratings is 8.5%, which is even lower than chile's earthquake value on the richter scale (8.8) ORZ...

according to wikipedia:

"Since life began on Earth, several major mass extinctions have significantly exceeded the background extinction rate. The most recent, the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event, occurred 65 million years ago, and has attracted more attention than all others as it marks the extinction of nearly all dinosaur species, which were the dominant animal class of the period. In the past 540 million years there have been five major events when over 50% of animal species died."

the cretaceous-tertiary extinction includes the dinosaurs btw...


see, there were already 5 major mass extinctions since life was formed on earth.
from the graph, maybe there'll be one soon...
our dear mother earth also needs to 'reboot' once in awhile you know
geez... hope i don't live to see it

anyway, if there is ever a noah's ark, here is my recommendation for the dna list:

1. jun's dna, ok la, arashi boys' dna the unfathomable futuristic beings, even if they look like jabba the hutt, need to fangirl too. besides, they need the moving stage
2. johnny san's dna... well, someone has to pay my futuristic boy band.
3. toilet bowl flushing system + sewerage system + toilet paper inventors' dna - for obvious reasons
4. internet founder's dna
5. credit card inventor's dna
6. yahoo auctions.jp founder's dna
7. alexander mcqueen's dna... hope it's still fresh orz... may he r.i.p.
8. 康师傅 ie. kang shifu, the inventor of kang shifu's cup noodles dna
9. 古越龙山's maker dna
10. lychee martini's original concoctor's dna
11. my chinese blind masseur's dna
12. swivel chair inventor's dna
13. sanitary napkin's inventor dna
14. shanghai hairy crab's dna
15. a bunch of my fav manga artists' dna
16. my home renovation contractor's dna - he's excellent!^^
17. anyone but michael jackson's plastic surgeon's dna - just in case the futuristic beings really turn out like jabba the hutt
18. horse dna - just in case the people stated above donno how to build a car orz...
19. china mobile network technicians' dna - this network sucks big time, the future needs to feel our pain
20. disney's dna - my baby adores mickey mouse
21. panadol inventor dna - there would be headaches for sure
22. toupe maker dna - after watching bsb on ms live 1000, i don't think any boy band should walk around half bald O.o
23. hmm... tbc XD

and of course i would also recommend my own dna... someone needs to blog about the future

erm... please don't take me too seriously LOL

gorby grilled along with the eels + a tone-deaf boy band XD

ok, i admit this is random and has nothing to do with arashi... but still pretty lol

Tokyo Notebook: Gorby is grilled along with the eels
The Japanese TV show Bistro Smap is an unholy merger of celebrity cook-off and simpering chat show
Leo Lewis

Twisted I know, but it has always been a fantasy of mine to watch Mikhail Gorbachev being fed grilled eels by a tone-deaf boy band. Last night my dream came true.

In a long history of impenetrable lunacy, yesterday was Fuji TV’s finest hour, a day when it took Japan only 54 minutes (including ad breaks) to lose its last remaining shred of credibility.

Bistro Smap is an unholy merger of celebrity cook-off and simpering chat show, but more vapid than both. Each week a celebrity guest is entertained by SMAP ― a fraying boy band so overexposed that at least one of them is clearly insane. The lads split into pairs and cook two rival dinners, and the fifth member interrogates the guest while his colleagues are clanging about in the kitchen. The interviewee must eventually decide which meal he prefers.

Japan has precious little in the way of confrontational journalism. Bistro Smap, God help us, is the closest it gets to Paxman. Shows like this, with their tenacious pandering to celebrity appetites, are why Toyota’s boss will be so comprehensively mauled by the US congressional investigation later today. Cross-examination in Japan tends to involve soufflé.

Acknowledging that Mr Gorbachev was more heavyweight and humourless than the usual guests, the SMAP boys were given an on-screen crash course in Cold War politics before donning their aprons. “Wow,” dribbled the lead singer as a wavy-haired historian described the fall of the Berlin Wall and the demise of the Stasi, “did that mean people stopped writing spy novels?”

By the time they finally got to the interview, the boys were on fire. The repartee sizzled as prancing Japan and monosyllabic Russia discussed the Great Game. The most deranged SMAP member had hidden a small matryoshka doll in his mouth and regurgitated it for the father of Glasnost. “That is not food,” groaned Gorby, visibly regretting that he no longer has nuclear missiles and KGB assassins on the other end of a phone.

“But this eel ... is very good,” he conceded.


kk live talk show, i mean con report... kk should retire la~~~

now i know why their tickets are so cheap >"<... there's a bunch of kk tickets going for between 800-2000yen for tonight's show ORZ...

anyway, i watched them last night coz i didn't wanna miss kouhaku tonight XD

and i doubt i'll ever go for another kk con again.

i have watched their con before, so i kind of expected 3 mc sessions in between some great live singing lol
but this time, they have only 2 mc sessions.

the first mc session lasted 30min <---ORZ...
the second mc session lasted 1hr EXACT coz i kept looking at my watch impatiently <---ORRRRZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!
their whole 'con' lasted from 5.40pm to around 9pm.
their first mc was at 6.15pm. lasted till 6.45pm.
their second mc was at 7.15pm. lasted till 8.15pm.
show ends at around 8.45pm. then encore after that.
i went to the toilet 2 times. i've never done that in ANY concerts before in my life.
near literally, HALF their show was TALK. and it's not as if i didn't understand what they said, coz it's pretty basic stuff. it's funny BUT HELLO?? where's the live perf??
i didn't pay to watch them talk
if i wanna watch a talk show, i'll turn on the tv ORZ...
this is the CRAPPIEST concert that i've attended in 2009 for sure.
kk should just stop doing concerts if they can't perform anymore and stop cheating money from the audience
besides, the sound system was so bad that half the time when they were singing you can only hear background music.

thus this kk con is REALLY worth the 800yen price at the harajuku shop. i had bought mine at original price and it's too expansive!!

also, B.I.Shadow / younger half of HSJ / N.Y.C performed a medley during the 2nd mc session. so that the 2 old folks could rest lol
and it was a freaking mess lol yamada kun sang wrongly right at the start
their perf was obviously under-practiced
maybe kk caught them loitering near suidobashi eki so they dragged them into the dome
you could tell no one in the audience cared for the kids as everyone made a beeline for the loo... erm... other than me, who was curious about my chinen kun
besides, there was ALOT of time when kk was talking to go to the bathroom

and this was the first japanese concert that i left before the end of the con ORZ... i couldn't wait to get out!! they deserve no respect from me
that's why these pics are so empty of fangirls
these were taken before con ended lol


last kouhaku show for smap + tokio...

according to bullshit uwasa mag XD


続きを読む »

k8 con report!

first of all, i'm back in shanghai and missing tokyo, sumo & yuki chan, hiromi and shimada, selene and alex~~~
thanks soooooo much selene, for having me bunk in with you this trip + get tickets etc... will get you a carton of laoganma if you want next time or chili padi whatever la~~~

ok, on k8.

i FINALLY know who is who in k8 , although i still don't remember their real names, but at least i think i can recognize their looks

first of all, i take back what i said about them last time, i think there were 2 cute guys in k8 - okura + ryo
okura very very cute ne~~~ especially when he's on the drums... kakkoi!!!
erm... and ryo looked cute in the uchiwa... in real life i still think he looked like a prune

as for the rest of k8... please refer to what i say about them before
yokoyama looks like he's got a torchlight tied under his chin all his life.
subaru... wah lao... has a good voice though^^
there's this ultimate ojisan-class ah beng guy who probably permed his hair in little india.
then there's this idiotic bloke with bleached ronald mcdonald's hair.
and there's bruce lee. selene said his parents were body builders... so desu ne...

i must say, it was a fun & silly concert. makes me feel 5yrs old again
the only songs i knew of k8 were those that were on countdown and music station superlive XD. actually that's all the songs you needed to know about k8, coz the others sounded not very k8 ie. not so hokkien sounding
the thing was, if arashi songs were like canto pop, k8 songs were like hokkien... pop?
you can add "yo~ah~yo~... yo~ah~yo~..."to the chorus parts of most of their songs and get away with it
and i was pretty sure yokoyama yelled "ani kuan!!" at us 3 times... O.o
o mm zai li gong simi leh... ORZ~~~

and the power rangers were adorable
but why my 2 fav boys didn't talk so much?? >"<... only the ugly boys kept on talking and talking urgh~~~
from the reaction of the audience, subaru, ryo and okura seemed the most popular. especially subaru i think... maybe coz i was sitting next to a bunch of subaru ovulating fangirls lol... aww... my poor eardrums T_T but he really did have an impressive voice ne
geez... maybe i would give the same impression to non arashi fans in arashi cons too O.o...

at the end of the con, the boys started to jam.
wah! i loved it!! i always adore live bands
if only there was a nice tune to all the adrenaline venting lol
poor boys, they must be really oppressed by those brainless clown impersonations they had to do for the 5yrs olds and the stand up not-so-funny comedy that they had to let out so much steam at the end

overall, k8 con is really targeted at children. it's alot of cartoony, giddy fun^^
it's like male version of the cutesy akihabara street singing cosplay girls, but in a dome. lol
their fangirls are a younger group compared to the arashi fangirls. i told selene, if only i had a daughter... but i think i'd still bring her to an arashi con





How's it going, Japan?

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