kokuritsu 20100903 - holy crap! my eyes O.o

awww... my blog... i love you

this means i'm out of china

i'm in tokyo!! and for kokuritsu, what else^^

first of all, i must say i was lucky to have been through the period where arashi front row con tickets cost under 30k for stands, and a random arena seat (not first row block a) cost under 20k at the auctions.

and watching continuous shows without winning a single ballot was actually not such bad thing, as you can pay a bit more for a guaranteed good seat at the auctions.

but, now i question,
are the scalpers selling arashi con tickets also behind the shanghai real estate inflation phenomena?
coz the shanghai real estate prices were rising but didn't really sky rocket till around 2006/7. <---sound familiar? ORZ...

however, the fundamental difference is that if you sell your apartment in shanghai, it will probably pay for all the arashi tickets for the rest of your life + maybe hey say jump's , whereas, if you try to sell your used arashi con ticket, hmm... let's not go there, it's depressing ><

thus, i only got to watch 1 kokuritsu show
ie. yesterday's^^

overall, i really appreciated the boys finally putting alot of effort for the show.
they were very focused on the dance and performance this yr.
last yr, i was concerned that they were getting too lazy on the stage, and thinking that fans were a bunch of rich and dumb obasans who were just satisfied with fan service and smiles orz...
this yr, some fans like me orz are still rich and dumb paying for the exorbitant ticket prices, but at least we get a proper con perf

however... as they were obviously trying to gain more young fans, the whole show was edging towards childishness ><...
i mean, does everything have to be so bizarre and psychedelic? O.o
aw my eyes O.o
can't they cultivate some stage design taste from say, mr children, or even kk?
visual-wise, i thought i walked into a hsj con lol
the stage set design was complicated and looked like some transformer thing that didn't really transform orz

and the question is,
was the costume designer blind?

ok, even when he didn't start blind, i'm sure he's quite blind by now
what's with all the clash of colours? O.o
and i kept thinking of tomyam kong when they were in the gold and pointy shoulders outfit
i'm quite sure the designer got the inspiration from the thai palace XD

i think the best costumes up to date was from the first kokuritsu in 2008.
they were definitely... simpler lol

i think this is the first arashi con that drove all my emotions to a max...

even when i was in the fifth row in the stands, it was still a distance from the moving stage.
yes, this isn't yokohama arena >"<
u can't just get attention from waving your uchiwa or shouting.
it's just pure luck.
i didn't think i was gonna get any fan service till at the encore, when jun came around, and he waved at me and heidi, and i was in such a state of happiness that i started jumping and fell into the space between the cement and the back of the seats in the 4th row ORZ...
of course, jun would probably remember me for the rest of his life now as a desperate fan who actually tried to commit suicide after getting a wave from him OOOORRRRZZZZZZZZ~~~ how glorious T_T
if they did catch this on video, i hope they mosaic my face LOL

thus i fell from uber happiness to embarrassment in a sec orz...

i've never got so agitated with any part of any previous arashi con till the ohno kaibutsu kun solo yesterday.
i must say, i hated it so much i nearly walked out.
i mean, ohno is like 30yrs old, and acting and sounding like a retarded kid?!
i could bear with the uta no onisan solo last 2 yrs as it's just a kawaii costume thing. he still sounded himself.
but this kaibutsu kun solo nearly killed my love for ohno on the spot ORZ...
yikes, if i can wipe this solo out of my memory i will >"<...

personally, i think there is a fine line between kawaii and childishness.
kawaii is something a boy of any age can do that makes my heart melt.
childish is an adult acting like a kid that makes my skin crawl urgh ><

thus, for the same reason, i don't like nino's solo.
it was boring + childish.

on the other hand, although i didn't like the song in particular, i really enjoyed aiba's solo
i was lmao nearly throughout thanks to his idiotic costume.
and i want the cyber glasses!!!

sho's solo was HOT... in the beginning
he was, hopefully, completely naked in the opening vid
then the disappointment washed over when he strutted on stage completely covered from head to toe live. duh... ><
still, great solo as i love the song

jun's solo was interesting with the game thing at the beginning, however, when he actually started to sing and get into the dance, i swear, i nearly got seasick lol
coz the giant video screens were adding this motion blur effect on him, and coupled with his neon blue and green shiny plastic ski-suit, he looked like a viral infection on drugs O.o

and what's his obsession with the shades??
baby, you're already soaking in sweat in the 35deg heat in a suit that looks like the space suits that those obasans wear to lose weight in the sauna, and you're worried about a bit of sun in your eyes??
ok, it was the moon for this instance
or fire the stylist if the colours are driving your eyes as nuts as mine lol

i also got into a state of extreme wonderment...
"how can they be so dumb?"

during the double mj walk perf. orz...

thus jun did his upside down strut in his fluorescent purple and green leopard spotted outfit again, and of course aiba had to join him doing the same thing and in the same outfit orz...
and the idiotic part was they were trying to sort of make their feet touch - just imagine jun is in normal standing pose hanging in mid-air while aiba is upside down right under jun and both struggling to make their feet meet.
orz... LOOOOL
i must have dislocated my jaw while trying to figure how low their iq must be in order to make this act happen

luckily, this act didn't last very long.
since their imagination is limited to only touching hands and feet

their next act of hanging on to cubes was really quite nice... if only they could remove those ghastly shocking pink and silver capes, would be better...
i heard they didn't wear those capes in the earlier kokuritsu shows?
duh... lucky fans ><

ohno's other solo was the best solo of the 5 i think
i always enjoy watching him dance. he's so talented^^

overall, the show would be much more watchable without looking like a children's colouring book. lol







wah ! that's so amazing T^T
sorry for suddenly asking but can you please tell me from where did you buy your ticket? I know you get it through auctions but in which site plz ?
I balloted for 2 tickets for tokyo dome but I hit for one and my cousine is coming with me to the concert , so I really want to get 2 seats near each other ,
I'll sell my ticket if I got what I want but I'm so depressed , like HELL T^T , I'm so far away from japan and it's like my dream's coming true but I have this problem and I tried so hard to resolve it but I couldn't ><
can you PLZ PLZ PLZ help me to get the tickets with good price ?!









How's it going, Japan?

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